Rallie Selected  for 3rd Leap Venture Academy Bootcamp

Rallie Selected for 3rd Leap Venture Academy Bootcamp

Rallie is one of 15 startups selected for the 3rd Leap Venture Bootcamp. 


From Leap Ventures Medium Post

The 15 Bootcamp companies for this year were selected for their unique innovation and impact on the ecosystem:

  • Alfred (South Korea): Alfred produces eco-friendly pet products to help create more comfortable living for pets and their parents.
  • Argos & Artemis (London, UK): Argos & Artemis is a community and lifestyle platform for dog parents, launching science-backed premium pet grooming products made by leading beauty and veterinary experts.
  • Black Dawg Bark (New Orleans, LA): Your pets’ fairy godmother! Using magic (and over 10 years of experience) to help guide and support your pets.
  • Bright Planet Pet (Minneapolis, MN): Bright Planet Pet makes plant-based treats for dogs that taste like real meat!
  • Bundle x Joy (Phoenix, AZ): Bundle x Joy is a women-owned pet brand connecting dog moms on a mission to find curation and community with purpose.
  • Earl Greyhound (Los Angeles ,CA): The world’s first cell-cultured dog treat.
  • FareVet (Montreal, Canada): FareVet is an app where pet parents can find and compare affordable veterinary costs.
  • Finder Pets (San Francisco, CA): Finder Pets connects future pet parents to reputable breeders, adoption shelters, and rescue centers and provides pets with safe and secure transportation to their new homes.
  • GetWelp (London, UK): Helping dogs, their owners, and their trainers lead emotionally healthier and happier lives.
  • Hound (Denver, CO): Hound is building a better experience for the people of veterinary medicine through their suite of talent management and employee experience software.
  • Rallie (Memphis, TN): Rallie is enhanced water for dogs that supports high-performance and all-purpose play using hydrogen technology, vitamins, and electrolytes for overachieving hydration.
  • Scout9 (Seattle, WA): Scout9’s digital Pocket Scout takes the guesswork out of caring for a new dog by providing pet parents with intuitive advice specific to their puppy’s needs.
  • Skoop (Bronx, NY): Skoop is a visiting veterinary nurse service that is devoted to assisting pet families with medical care at home.
  • The Animals Kitchen (Toronto, Canada): The Animals Kitchen is an online recipe community and make-at-home pet food brand that empowers pet parents to cook sustainable and nutritious pet food at home.
  • Vetsie (Calgary, Canada): Vetsie is an all-in-one communication platform that provides triage, telemedicine, and client communication with the goal of increasing the well-being and accessibility of veterinary professionals and pet parents.

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